Lowcountry Book Club by Susan M. Boyer


Lowcountry Book Club, author Susan M. Boyer’s 5th installment in the Liz Talbot Mystery Series, was once again a page turning mystery I couldn’t figure out till murderer and motive were revealed!

This episode contains everything you’ve come to expect from Liz and friends: a mysterious murder bringing Liz’s investigation south of Broad; several unexpected suspects and motives – this time including the members of an exclusive women’s book club, who take their bylaws very serious; helping hands from Blake, Sonny, and Colleen; a fairly predictable yet hilarious antic from her father; and of course a good dose of sizzle between Liz and Nate.

Notably new this time around is a possible romance for Blake, a very important revelation from Colleen, and so much more!

I think one of the draws to this series, for me, besides the fun characters and story plots, are the beautiful pictures of Charleston and surrounding areas Boyer somehow paints with her words. While reading this particular story, I was reminded of my move to Florida several years ago. I could have driven straight through from Virginia Beach to Tampa but since I was driving alone and had not been through this area before, I took a friend’s offer to stop for the night at their Murrells Inlet home.

Leaving the next morning about an hour before sunrise and following rt17, well if you know the area, you know the spectacle I was about to encounter. The sun was just beginning to rise as the Arthur Ravenel Jr bridge came into sight. I had to pull off the road for a few moments, just to take it in. It was a beautiful sight I had filed away in my memory until Liz’s description of it brought the images back in all their glory.

Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge

Each episode paints pictures of gorgeous lowcounrty sights and sounds, bringing back memories of ones I’ve been lucky enough to experience, and somehow creating those I have not.

I loved the ‘book club’ element of this story, and am so very happy my book club is light and easy-going and nothing too serious! I look forward to the next installment in the series, #6 Lowcountry Bonfire. No telling what fun and fire this one might entail!


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