A Barefoot Tide by Grace Greene

A Barefoot Tide by Grace Greene is a touching story of finding the beauty in life, despite the trials and tragedies life has put in the way.

Author Grace Greene has a talent for writing heart warming stories of individuals overcoming adversity – and doing so with patience and grace – when many others would take a much different route. This is true of the stories in her Emerald Isle and Cub Creek series, as well as this and other individual titles.

What makes A Barefoot Tide unique? Possibly my favorite Grace Greene novel yet, this is a crossover. The main character, Lilliane, lives in Cub Creek, but is about to be offered a life changing opportunity in Emerald Isle! A huge fan of both previous series, I couldn’t wait to read A Barefoot Tide. As much as I enjoyed the Emerald Isle and Cub Creek books, this new story seemed to touch me more deeply.

At first I believed it may be because the character of Lilliane is slightly older, and that could be part of it. But looking back on the story I realize emotional connections I felt were made by the author describing someone falling in love with books and reading, for the first time, as well as her personal connection to parts of the storyline.

I highly recommend A Barefoot Tide (and sure do hope it won’t be the end of this crossover story??) I easily give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, but would give ❤❤❤❤❤ if it were an option.

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