Lowcountry Boughs of Holly by Susan M. Boyer

Lowcountry Boughs of Holly by Susan M. Boyer

Possibly my favorite yet, this 10th installment of the Liz Talbot Mysteries delivers everything I have come to love and expect from the series.

As a huge fan of the location, the author’s artistic portrayal of the coastal Lowcountry area of South Carolina first drew me to the series. The random and entertaining scenarios surrounding the murders in each volume definitely keeps me interested – although each new story may involve characters we have already come to know from previous books in the series, each is a new, completely free standing case to be solved.

But I believe the characters and relationships that have been created, and continue to change and grow are what keep me coming back. The love and humor in the family dynamic is priceless – Boyer has created a cast of characters so realistic you can feel their emotion, can’t help but become invested in their stories.

I have a hard time not sharing too much, spoilers, with this episode. Christmas plays a huge role in Lowcountry Boughs Of Holly, as the name suggests, and we have several mysteries to consider as the story progresses, not just the primary murder. Several storylines come full circle, some we have been following for several books – one in particular made me very happy 😊!!!

If you are a fan of the series you HAVE to read Lowcountry Boughs of Holly! And if this is your first installment it’s ok. It’s a great place to start, and you will appreciate it all the more after going back and starting the series from scratch. I promise you will want to!

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