Her Last Flight by Beatriz Williams

It’s 1947 and award winning photojournalist Janey Everett arrives on the island of Kauai, Hawaii with one thing in mind. Track down and interview Mrs. Irene Lindquist. Gain her confidence or trick her it doesn’t matter which, as long as Mrs. Lindquist reveals her true identity.

This page turning story slides between several periods of time to tell the story of famous aviators Sam Mallory and Irene Foster, both seeming to have disappeared years before, and Janey’s quest to find out what happened to them.

I loved this book. I can’t explain how much I enjoy being surprised by unexpected plot twists. This happened not once but twice in Her Last Flight by Beatriz Williams, and in big ways! I always enjoy Williams’ exceptional writing, but the surprise turns in this story has made Her Last Flight my favorite by her yet. Possibly my favorite book this year.

I typically end a review by listing out the topics that might make the book of interest to a reader, but I believe this one has something for everyone. If you enjoy a good story, this is for you.

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