The Coast Road Home by Vickie McKeehan


The Coast Road Home, author Vickie McKeehan’s 13th volume in her Pelican Pointe series, is possibly my favorite so far. I was late in discovering this series, stumbling on it around Christmas last year. But once I read the first one I was hooked, reading all twelve straight in a row – in a matter of a couple weeks. I had looked forward to the next one being published, but didn’t realize until I was on page one of The  Coast Road Home just how much I’d missed it!

The series begins with the small pacific northwest town of Pelican Pointe in decline. With each book, new citizens join the community, each with their own sorted backstory, little by little bringing new life to the town.

The newest addition to Pelican Pointe ends up stranded there after a traffic accident, falls in love with the little town, its eclectic group of residents, and of course specifically with one resident in particular! What would a Pelican Pointe story be without a sparking romance?

But like the other volumes in the series there is a serious side to the story. Divorce, internet predators, senseless gun violence, domestic violence, and mental health are deep issues handled extremely well in this otherwise light and pleasant story. This is a particular talent I’ve seen in all McKeehan’s writing – bringing serious issues to life in her characters yet not dwelling on it, simply including it as part of life to be delt with.

Another talent I’ve noticed and appreciated its her ability to paint images with words. Thanks to her descriptions I have a quite detailed picture of Pelican Pointe and surrounding area in my head – it’s beautiful!

I will be looking forward to the next book in the series. Once I hear a release date for #14 I plan to start over at book #1 and re-read the series again, timing it so the next one falls right into place. These are definitely books you can read over and over – and still just want more.

Each book of the Pelican Pointe series builds on the last, but each book is a complete story and can be read independently.

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