The Last Correspondent by Soraya M. Lane

The Last Correspondent by Soraya M. Lane

In June 1944, few females were employees as war correspondents. The few that were, were not given military clearance to enter and report from war zones. How, then, was the only correspondent present to witness and report on the landing at Normandy, female?

This woman’s name was Martha Gellhorn, and she and a handful of other amazing female journalists were the inspiration for the three main characters in The Last Correspondent. 

Danni, Ella, and Chloe are three young women from diverse backgrounds, but with one thing in common – no man is going to stop them from accomplishing their goals. In a time when it was necessary for women to take on jobs left behind as every able bodied man was called to war, the rules for women remained completely unfair. The world was run by men, and nothing could be done about it. Except to risk life, not to mention job and possible arrest, to push forward in spite of the rules.

Author Soraya M. Lane’s female characters are wonderfully rounded, unique personalities that encompass the full range of womanhood. Each strong, stubborn, and incredibly talented – they each also showed the softer side of being female in their own ways – never to be confused with weakness. I appreciated the way this was portrayed for each – showing that these sides are not mutually exclusive.

Although I hate to admit there were a few moments of the story that were fairly predictable and expected, these instances were well balanced with moments that were so unexpected and shocking I literally had to re-read lines two or three times to be sure I’d understood it correctly…and then set the book down and walk away for a few minutes to digest what had just happened.

I enjoyed The Last Correspondent and recommend for anyone who enjoys reading about strong women breaking barriers, gender roles in WW2. I think fans of Jane Healy’s The Beantown Girls will particularly enjoy.

The Last Correspondent
Soraya M. Lane
Lake Union Publishing
November 1, 2020

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