Beach Rental by Grace Greene


I’ve always said that no two people read the same book. I believe that we each bring our own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and experiences to the table when we read a book, and these things influence how we interpret what we read, what we get out if it. I have to wonder how much of this came into play for me while reading Grace Greene’s Beach Rental, or if other folks had the same highly emotional reaction while reading this book. Regardless, I admit to having to stop reading a few times to wipe my eyes, blow my nose, and get myself together – full on ugly cry.

This story, the first book in author Grace Greene’s Emerald Isle series, is a touching story of hope, faith, and believing in love even when there appears to be no evidence of it.

Set on the coast of beautiful Emerald Isle NC, this story introduces us to Juli. Abandoned by her mother at a young age and growing up tossed between foster homes, Juli now finds herself alone. No friends or family, all dreams of finding love or working towards a better life pushed from her mind, every waking hour filled working multiple jobs to simply survive.

This all changes one evening while working as a waitress at a catered event. The vacant stare of a wealthy guest pushes her over the edge, sending her outside for air. In her rush to escape the crowd of the party she very nearly stumbles over another guest, also driven outside for fresh air. After several moments of polite conversation he reveals that he is not feeling well, recovering from an illness, and asks if she would consider driving him home. Against all better judgement she agrees – not knowing the decision would change the rest of her life.

This was the first book I’ve read by Grace Greene, but was immediately impressed with the warmth of her story telling. I quickly became invested in each character, caring, wanting to know more, and could envision each location as if I were there. I still hear the waves crashing on the beach through the open window as Juli falls asleep.

This lovely, if emotional, story was gifted to me by the author. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more of this series and her others. 

I highly recommend Beach Rental for anyone seeking a heartwarming story in a beautiful coastal setting – just do have your tissues handy!

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