The Poppy Field by Deborah Carr

The Poppy Field by Deborah Carr is a story of a farm in the French countryside and two young nurses falling in love with wounded soldiers – a hundred years apart.

Hoping to take her mind off a recent tragedy and betrayal, trauma room nurse Gemma
arrives in northern France to remodel a property recently inherited from a distant cousin.

Early in the renovation she finds a box of letters written during WW1, and a beautiful red poppy broach hidden away in the floor boards. As Gemma begins reading the letters she finds they are written by a young nurse to the wounded soldier she has fallen in love with. Gemma is quickly drawn in, eager to learn the details of their relationship, and how it and the broach relate to the farm.

There are many parallels between what she reads in the letters and her life, helping her to open up to the possibilities of her own future. As she falls in love with the farm she comes to realize she has more in common with the girl in the letters than just their love of poppies.

This is an easy to read story of love and loss, the tragedies of war, and second chances at happiness. I enjoyed reading and recommend for anyone who enjoys historical fiction set in war torn France, but wants a change from the typical WW2 setting.

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