Wildflower Heart by Grace Greene


Already a fan of Grace Greene’s Emerald Isle series, I decided to try Wildflower Heart, book one in her Wildflower House series.

I have been disappointed in the past by other authors who have written multiple book series – they all seemed to run together with similar story lines, characters, locations – reading as if names were simply changed and same story line used over and over. Not the case with Emerald Isle and Wildflower House series!

The one similarity between the two are the underlying themes that seems to run through all Greene’s writing – the value of forgiveness and second chances, of realizing one’s own value while moving through the different seasons of life, and of choosing to approach even the most difficult situations with love and kindness. And of course her lovely writing style.

Beyond these underlying threads, Wildflower Heart is a completly fresh story with original and unique characters, and a beautiful location. I appreciate that the characters are flawed, making them believable, human, making me root for them all the more.

Although Wildflower Heart is an eventful story with triumphs and heartbreaks, there is no false dramatic buildup to these events, rather the typical complex flow of life, some days good, some bad, and many both at once. This first book of the series ended well, leaving me feeling satisfied with both the items brought to conclusion, as well as the possibilities of what may be yet to come.

Lucky for me volume two in the series was released (and delivered to my inbox – yay pre-orders! yay e-books!) yesterday, so I can move right on without the normal months or years wait between installments. I’ve also already pre-ordered the third book, Wildflower Christmas, to be released November 12th!

I love these books and highly recommend for anyone seeking enjoyable quality stories of believable characters overcoming the trials of life with grace and kindness.

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