Lowcountry Boomerang by Susan M. Boyer


Reading volume #8 in the Liz Talbot Mystery series, Lowcountry Boomerang, was a little bittersweet. As much as I’d looked forward to it, I’m now all caught up with the series and have to wait for author Susan M. Boyer to write the next book!

This latest edition hit all the marks I’ve come to enjoy – puzzling murder mystery, Liz and Nate’s growing and evolving relationship, learning more about Colleen’s mission, and the fun but touching antics of Liz’s growing group of friends and family on Stella Maris.

I love the variety of characters introduced with each new story. This particular case brought a quite colorful and unique group to the island – I’ll be eager to learn in future volumes which if any stick around.

I have to admit there were a few moments I was starting to feel a bit dizzy following Liz, suspects, and witnesses through the streets of Charleston. I may get a map of downtown/ historic Charleston SC so I can follow along, or better yet maybe plan a trip to visit and see for myself!

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