A Light Last Seen by Grace Greene


pro_pbid_4531188A Light Last Seen by Grace Greene is a touching story of a young girl struggling to grow up in rural Virginia. Living with her troubled mother and an older brother counting the days until he can move away, Jaynie spends much time alone at her special place in the woods until a chance encounter with a dragonfly and a grandmotherly neighbor sparks a deep, if unlikely, friendship.

Having known Jaynie’s mother since she was a child, Ruth takes Jaynie under her wing, always offering a kind shoulder and often sharing her philosophies on life.

Jayne is to young to understand most of Ruth’s life lessons at the time, but returning home as an adult she comes to understand Ruth’s most important messages : we each interpret a situation based on our personal experiences, and do not get so caught up in worrying and planning for what comes next that you miss the joy in who and where you are right now.

As with all author Grace Greene’s work, this story is beautifully written. Well developed, relatable characters and scenery painted with words that transport you to the countryside have become trademark of her books – as is an uplifting storyline that reminds us that in even the most difficult situations, responding with patience, kindness, and forgiveness is always an option, the best option.

I enjoyed everything about A Light Last Seen and highly recommend for anyone seeking a lovely story of family, forgiveness, and finding joy in your true self.

A Light Last Seen by Grace Greene, published by Kersey Creek Books will be available on Kindle February 18th, pre-order available now.

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