Lowcountry Bordello by Susan M. Boyer


Liz has her hands full with this one!

This time around Liz is not only tasked with figuring out ‘whodunnit’, she has to first determine what, if anything, was done at all. All while juggling the investigation, Christmas, and her wedding – in the same week. She accomplishes it all in perfect Liz style, with only a few hiccups along the way. And of course as we’ve come to expect at any Talbot family gathering, the main event finished with a bit of a surprise, perhaps changing the dynamics of every book to follow!

Although the majority of this story takes place in Charleston with only short time spent in Stella Maris, the location images author Susan Boyer paints with her words are as beautiful as ever. I picture Stella Maris as a quiet, layed back beach community. Sand dunes and gently rollling surf. Charleston has a vibe all its own. Such a unique place, steeped in history – and in this volume all the more beautiful decked out for Christmas – something everyone should see.

On to the next Liz Talbot adventure!

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