Perennials by Julie Cantrell


Perennials by Julie Cantrell is an emotional story of family, feuds, and what can go wrong with that deeply southern tradition of only discussing what is ‘proper’.

Eva, aka Lovey, traded Mississippi for Arizona at age 18, leaving behind accusations and guilt from those she counted on most. Nearly 30 years later she receives a request she cannot refuse to return home for her patents 50th wedding anniversary.

Nothing in her small hometown is as she remembers it, except maybe constant accusations from her sister and her parents refusal to discuss it. When tragedy finally breaks down the walls allowing honest communication to flow, we are reminded of the healing power of sharing our feelings and of giving the gift of simply listening – also known as open communication.

The story is set first in the gorgeous Arizona deserts then moves to the lush greenery and gardens of Mississippi. Cantrell does an amazing job of creating these settings with her beautifully colorful words, and applies the same talent to conveying the characters’ emotions. This story is one I experienced rather than simply read – what more can a reader want?

This is the first book I’ve read by author Julie Cantrell, but certainly will not be the last.  Definitely recommend for anyone wanting an emotional story of sisters, family, how deeply they can hurt us and how completely they can heal.


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