Wildflower Christmas by Grace Greene

Wildflower Christmas, the third installment in Grace Greene’s lovely Wildflower House series, hits the mark perfectly.

I am not always a fan of novellas. They often fall short – either not diving deep enough to deliver a satisfying story, or feeling as if the publisher forgot to include the last several chapters – very frustrating!

Not so with Wildflower Christmas! Although this story does pick up where Wildflower Hope, the second book of the Wildflower House series leaves off, anyone could choose to read this as a stand alone novel and thoroughly enjoy the story.

This is a ‘must read’ for everyone already enchanted with Kara and the eclectic group she now calls family, and I highly recommend for anyone seeking a sweet story of individuals coming together to love and support one another through the sometimes tricky time of Christmas.

I look forward to the next installment in the Wildflower House series, and can’t wait to start a new journey with author Grace Greene’s new book, A Light Last Seen, due out Feb 18, 2020 (pre-order kindle ebook now!)

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