Wildflower Hope by Grace Greene



Wildflower Hope is the second volume in Grace Greene’s Wildflower House series. The story picks up a week or so after Wildflower Heart ends, very much a ‘part two’ rather than a new story in the series.

The characters are the star of this story. I don’t think I realized until reading this second book how much I have come to care about them, individually and as a family. I have mentioned in reviews of other books by author Grace Greene, that I appreciate the depth of the characters she creates – the most likeable characters are flawed, the worst of the bunch often have redeeming qualities. This brings them each to life as realistic, believable people. This is certainly the case in this series as well.

I might feel drawn to the main character of Kara because I can relate to many of traumas she has been through, the issues and emotions she wrestles with – but these may be things we all deal with on some level. Regardless, I find myself rooting for her, hoping the other characters give her a break, support her as she needs. This whole bunch are folks I’d enjoy knowing.

Another draw for me to this series is the location. Wildflower House is set in Cub Creek –  rural Virginia, just outside Louisa County, part way between Richmond and Charlottesville. Most folks are familiar with the hustle and bustle of Northern VA, just outside of Washington DC; the Blue Ridge Pkwy of the western part of the state; and the coastal areas along the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay to the southeast. But few are aware of the beautiful countyside and fulfilling lifestyle in the center of this diverse state. Greene paints beautiful pictures of this area, representing it well.

I am enjoying following the renovation of Wildflower House, and the personal growth of Kara as she moves through the decisions associated with renovation. This book is a satisfying chapter to the story and ends well, but is far from the end of the story. I have pre-ordered Wildflower Christmas, a novella following Wildflower Hope (expected release date Nov.12, 2019), and I hope for/look forward to additional books in the series to follow.

I highly recommend this book, series, to anyone seeking an identifiable story of a woman coming into her own, learning to trust in her own strengths while opening herself to trust and let others in.

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