Lowcountry Bonfire by Susan M. Boyer


Lowcountry Bonfire, book #6 in the Liz Talbot Mystery series, just might be my favorite yet! Do I say that every time?

Hmm…maybe, lol! But although all the things I love about these books are still present in this episode – great who-dun-it story I can’t figure out til the reveal, fun and eclectic characters, beautiful lowcountry setting – there are two small yet impactful differences.

First: Where is Colleen? Liz and Nate have come to depend on her in life and death situations, but are they now on their own? And when she does show up, why the heck is she speaking Italian?!

Secondly: One of the things I’ve always appreciated about this series is that although if you read them in order they do build on each other, they each come to complete resolution and can be read as stand-alone books, no cliff-hangers, etc. Lowcountry Bonfire also comes to a satisfying resolution – but this is the first one of the series (that I’ve read so far) that also hints at things to come. Possibly with devastating results.

I am immediately moving on to read #7, Lowcountry Bookshop. I have to be all caught up when the newest book in the series, Lowcountry Boomerang, is released September 3rd!

I pre-ordered ‘Boomerang’  a couple months ago, as soon as it was available. Can’t help it, I’m a huge Liz fan 💕

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