Beach Winds by Grace Greene


Beach Winds, the second novel in Grace Greene’s Emerald Isle series, is a sweet story of a woman who, although appearing to have everything, has spent her young adulthood feeling awkward and out of place.

Frannie comes to Emerald Isle to look after her great-uncle’s home while he recovers from a stroke. Completely out of her element, she tries to impose her sense of logic to the situation – stepping on a few toes along the way. Luckily, my favorite characters from Beach Rental, the first book of the series, show up to befriend Frannie and gently guide and support her as she begins to relax into a more authentic version of herself,  and finally learns the truth about her past.

A few other new characters are also introduced to the story – a couple good looking men with their own issues always make things more interesting – for this second volume … and maybe the next?

As with Beach Rental, author Grace Greene paints beautiful word pictures of waves crashing on shore, sea birds sailing across the water at dawn, winter beach winds rattling windows and teeth – all the sights, sounds, and feels I miss from coastal living.

I appreciate and enjoy the themes of faith and forgiveness and value of friendship and family that have run strong through these first two books. I look forward to finding the same in the third and final book of the Emerald Isle series, Beach Wedding.


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