The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden

Available July 9th



The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden is a delightful story of being true to yourself and finding your place in this world.

Growing up on her parents lavender farm on the Olympic Peninsula, Mia dreamed of going out into the world, making a difference, changing lives. As the story begins she is eagerly awaiting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of six years, ready to put her dreams aside for the security of the future they have planned together. Fortunately life has other plans and Mia finds herself searching for a plan B. An unexpected invitation to join a humanitarian group heading abroad turns into the experience of a lifetime, giving her clarity of everything she is not, and the freedom to be exactly who she is.

I began reading this book with the expectation of a sweet romantic boy meets girl story – and there is nothing wrong with that – but this is so much more.

Touching on some of the many humanitarian aide needs throughout the world, immigration, social responsibility, and the impact one person can make to assist many, this book illuminates these issues yet remains a lovely, easy to read story of Mia’s unexpected journey to herself.

Some books are so well written you experience the story rather than just read it. This is the case with The Enlightenment of Bees. The sights, smells, sounds all come together to bring locations to life; characters are real, each believable with their own personalities, issues, back stories. This is a pleasant surprise given the large, diverse cast.

I completely enjoyed this story and highly recommend for anyone looking for a lovely, easy read – with unexpected depth and meaning.



  1. Can’t say enough about this one. I’ve read two more books since finishing The Enlightened of Bees – and still find myself thinking about it. It’s not an ‘epic’ novel, just a sweet, easy read – but it has depth and meaning that kind of sneaks up on you. If you do end up reading I hope you’ll share for thoughts 😉


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